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I’VE MOVED February 18, 2010

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I haven’t had this blog for long…..but I decided to move to a different host and got a new name.

Please visit at

thanks, allison


New Fruit Bowl February 8, 2010

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I got this shell bowl above (look on top of the dining table) from Kohl’s (with a Xmas gift card from my gma peggy) and was using it as a fun fruit bowl.
Then I found this silver shell bowl (thats food/dishwasher safe) at the goodwill and it works better as a fruit bowl. It was $14 and I think originally would be over $50 since it is food/dishwasher safe, I don’t know what kinds of foods one would really serve in this?


And now I love the first shell bowl on the dining room table with a cream table runner I found on Xmas clearance for $5 and a mirror charger I got on Xmas clearance for $3. Inside I put some assorted potpourri and an opal shell ball.


COUCH LOVE February 7, 2010

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I recently got new living room furniture that I love. I also realized I have had 4 different couches in less than 4 years. They are all different styles as well.. Here’s some pics…Hopefully your favorites are my new purchases!!

The first were 2  light yellow velvet couch’s, they went with my shabby chic look and they were vintage and in mint condition.

My next set was this green couch and chair/ottoman.

 My taste was definitely changing. These hardwood floors are what we found under the dirty carpet. When I bought the house I didn’t even know about the hardwood floors..What a surprise.!
They looked like this for a while, until we refinished them ourselves (which wasn’t too difficult).

Then we got a sectional (below), which worked great for a year when we moved to little rock and had a bigger living room. But when we moved back to washington and into the old house the couch was way too large, so we sold it on CL.

 I love my new chocolate brown sofa, its microfiber which makes it very easy to clean.

I love these green chairs, my mom found them at Costco for a great deal.



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Last week we went to Ikea (only 10 min away!!) and got these cute shelves for the Dining Room. It took me a week to figure out what pictures to put in all my frames, I went with mostly black and whites. I got the cute birds for an early birthday present (its next week).



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This was my first round of decorating the newly painted cabinet with my new treasures. But then after I put pictures in the frames (from micheals-great deals) I wanted to move stuff around a bit.

We haven’t finished the baseboards in the dining room yet!



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  I’m new to reading blog’s (about two months) and my favorite is BOWER POWER (I laugh out loud daily) Katie was talking about how she found good things at the Goodwill. I’ve never been a fan of the Goodwill but though I should give it another try after I saw all the great finds she had.

So last week I went and now I’m in LOVE with the Goodwill…
I found all these items in the 3 pictures….$40 total…and all in 1 day at 3 different Goodwill’s. 

I realized that I have to spend over an hour looking at 4 aisles, every time you walk down the aisle you see something new. The new goodwill finds are perfect timing to decorate my new shelves in the Dining Room.


GOODWILL FIND….before and after

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This library table in my living room had a lot of brown going on. Last week when I was at the Goodwill I found a brown tray in great condition from world market for only $4 (original price tag still on it says $18) . On my way home I stopped by walmart to get some white spray paint, and a couple coats later…It definately makes this table pop.