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My Grandma had this cabinet in her guest bathroom probably since I was born. She did some remodeling and had this out in her garage. I thought it would look really cute painted.

This is the before with the doors taken off and I like the open shelves so I’m going to keep the top door off to make it look less like a bathroom cabinet. I didn’t want to sand the cabinet because…

1. It takes too long and I’m inpatient  2. what if its lead paint?

So I painted a lot of coats and bought paint at home depot that has the primer mixed in. So here are the afters..with new hardware. I couldn’t replace the hinges because the only ones that seem to work correctly were the originals..So I had to spray paint the hinges white to blend in.



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This is a horrible pic, but the chair to the right of the tree was in need of a definite makeover..
I really am loving  brown zebra print so I decided to head to Jo-anne fabrics and pic some up. I also stopped by home depot and got some spray paint (2 cans for the chair). The makeover cost $14 total.

Isnt it so cute! I have another identical chair that I still need to tackle.


Crafty Closet January 7, 2010

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I love scrapbooking and all crafts pretty much make me smile. I always dreamed of a space where I could leave every tool out in the open at hands reach. So I looked for inspiration and I realized my hall closet would be a great place for my creative room. Then I googled “office closet” and “craft closet”…and I found this cute office under a stairwell

I didn’t find anything scrapbook related but was ready to go with my room. I had to first clear out the ugly closet and began painting it sunny yellow. Then I got some peg board and accessories at home depot and they even cut it to size for me 🙂 So here is my masterpiece, and yes the office chair isn’t the cutest.


I then looked for cute jars and containers to hold all my scrapbooking thingys! It is really hard to keep it organized but a huge improvement from everything in box’s, which makes it hard to be creative.